Creating Content to Stand Out from Your Competition

Sure getting people to your website is one thing, but turning visitors into customers is another.  And to do that you need to have compelling and informative content, which can be easily found on your website. Stand out from your competition

Your company web site should:

  • Be easy to navigate
  • Inform prospects on your product or service
  • Educate prospects on relevant issues related to your product or service
  • Be professional in appearance
  • Contain your business contact information
  • Have a way for prospects in inquire for more information
  • Have a website that is easily viewable on mobile devices

Your visitors will likely want to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Make sure your website has clearly stated and intuitive navigation... this is essential to a successful website. If visitors have a difficult time finding what they are looking for they will likely leave your site and may never return. So make sure your navigation is easy to find and clearly states what each tab links to.

What is most important to my visitors?

Visitors want different things... some want to get right to your pricing, some want to find your contact information, some want to learn about your product or service, or any combination of these. You should make all of these things easily available to your visitors by as few clicks as possible.   

You want to engage the visitors on your site and give them information they are looking for as easily as poosible.  The longer they stay on your site the better chance you have of them becoming a customer instead of just a visitor.  

Let them know what you offer

To compete against your competition you need to stand out from them... this applies to essentially any business type or market. You need to let your potenial customers know what you offer and why they should choose you over the competition.  Writing quality and compelling content for your website is crucial for it becoming successful.

Update your content

So, once you have your content created and published to your site are you finished? No, you should keep your content fresh and updated as often as possible. Add a blog to your site or new pages, new articles.  Try to keep your site's content as current as possible. The more relevant and fresh your content is the more your visitors will engage in it... and it also helps your organic search results.